Motion Mini

First Impressions


I’d like to do a proper in-depth review but for now, I’ll just jot down some of my initial thoughts and maybe do a more in-depth analysis at a later date.


Track Data

File Format

The Motion Mini uses a proprietary binary format called OAO “OnAndOn” which was designed by Julien. The OAO format is more compact than UBX and places less burden on the recording device.

OAO files can be loaded into tools such as GPSResults and GPS Speedreader or uploaded directly to G3S via their web upload feature.


The Motion Mini typically reported 16 to 18 usable satellites during all of my test sessions.

This was better than the 11 to 13 of the COROS APEX Pro and 6 to 9 of my Locosys GW-60.

10 Hz

This is the first 10 Hz device that I’ve owned but to my surprise, speed and location data looks to be less “noisy” than the 5 Hz devices that I’ve previously owned.

The Locosys GW-52 and GW-60 were useful devices for direct comparisons; 5 Hz vs 10 Hz.


The u-blox GNSS chips generate a speed accuracy metric (sAcc) which is similar to SDOP from the Locosys devices since the GT-31.

sAcc is extremely consistent on the Motion Mini, far more so than SDOP on any of the Locosys devices. This suggests that speed accuracy is also more consistent than the Locosys devices.

Doppler vs Positional

The Motion Mini has far better positional data than any other device that I have evaluated.

Whilst Doppler speeds should be used in preference to speeds calculated from position data it is worth noting that Doppler and non-Doppler speeds are much closer than on any of the GPS devices from Locosys, COROS, Garmin, etc.

The total time and distance reported by the Motion Mini are also closer than any other GPS device that I have tested. Static testing of the Motion Mini suggests that positional data is exceptionally accurate.


The Motion Mini is an amazing little device and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

After many years using the Locosys GT-11, GT-31, GW-52, GW-60 and COROS APEX Pro this is by far the best quality GPS logger that I have owned.