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Back in 2010, I published an extensive GPS feature comparison with a primary focus on speed sailing.

The Locosys GT-31 was the “gold-standard” device at the time but technology has since moved on and aside from writing up my first impressions of the Locosys GW-52, I haven’t written any subsequent GPS articles.

After several years using the Locosys GW-60 watch (successor to the GW-52), I’ve now upgraded to the COROS APEX Pro and Motion Mini. I’ve been using the APEX Pro regularly since June 2021 and had the Motion Mini since mid-March 2022.

Due to several observations relating to the CORO APEX Pro, I’ve decided to write some new articles to share my findings and what I have learnt about other modern GPS devices.

GPS Devices

I have created a separate page for all of my articles and information relating to individual GPS devices.

Use the link above to access the articles!

General Guidance

Some general articles relating to GPS technology are listed below:

Further detailed / technical articles are also available in the GitHub pages of GPS Wizard.

Session Analysis

The session data and detailed analysis relating to all of the articles are available on a dedicated page.


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