Locosys GT-31


Details about the GT-31 can still be found on the Locosys website.

This was a significant improvement to the GT-11, thanks to use of a newer GPS chipset from SiRF:

SDOP became available for the first time, allowing the Doppler speed accuracy to be estimated with 99% certainty.

The GT-31 was superseded by the GW-52 in 2015, when Locosys stopped producing the GT-31.



Item Details
Logging 1 Hz
Memory ~5h 30m (internal) but much more with SD card
Battery ~40 hours
Charging Mini USB cable
Download SD card or mini USB cable + NAVILINK
Best Formats SiRF binary (SBN) or SiRF binary, packed (SBP)
Other Formats n/a
GPS chipset SiRFstar III
Additional Logging Sats, HDOP, SDOP
Approved for GP3S Yes
Approved for GPSTC Yes