Motion Mini


During WSW 2022 we will trial the Motion Mini for all of the pro fleet sailboards and hopefully the pro kiters as well (if we have enough devices).

We believe the Motion Mini is perfect for Weymouth Speed Week. It’s a handy little device that does not require an aqua pack as it is completely waterproof and there are no SD cards to handle at the end of each day. The built-in WiFi support lends itself to self-service and much higher levels of automation.


Assuming things go well during Weymouth Speed Week 2022, we anticipate that all fleets will use the Motion Mini in 2023 and the event will be largely self-service. Since the Motions and the daily processes are (technically) going to be a trial in 2022 the WSW team will oversee the majority of the technical tasks.

Note: Pros may also wear a “backup” GPS in 2022, so long as it has been verified by GP3S. Examples of verified devices include the GT-31, GW-52, GW-60, Motion (LCD or Mini), ESP-GPS, Gyro-1 and COROS watches (APEX Pro, VERTIX, VERTIX 2). In the unlikely event of an issue with a Motion Mini the WSW team can look to retrieve data from the backup device for use in the results.

The remainder of this document attempts to summarize how the various technical processes may be implemented during WSW in 2022 and 2023.




Track Downloads






Note: The newly created reporting software has already been used to produce results for all years since 1998.




We are very much looking forward to the trial of the Motion Mini during Weymouth Speed Week 2022.

We hope to see you at the event!