Senior Cubers Worldwide - Bi-weekly Competition


This is the bi-weekly video competition for the Senior Cubers Worldwide group on Facebook.

The general concept is to use the scrambles provided and to record your solves on camera. The video can be uploaded directly to Facebook or uploaded to YouTube and the link shared on Facebook.

This serves as a good way of practicing for actual WCA competitions where nerves can be a big factor in your results. It allows anyone to ask for critique of their solves, provide encouragement to others and watch faster solvers for inspiration.

To encourage wide participation in the competition we also offer prizes, kindly provided by TheCubicle. An explanation of the prize draw system can be found on the prizes page.

All of the competitions can be found in the group calendar on Facebook.

Here are the links that you will be needing to use on a regular basis:

Note: The weekly competition awarded $5 prizes. The bi-weekly competition offers $10 prizes.


The rules are fairly straightforward and are detailed on the separate event pages:


The FAQ page page contains a list of “frequently asked questions” and answers.