This page summarises my 30+ public repositories on GitHub and provides links to the related websites. I have classified all of my projects and created individual pages, linking to the individual repositories. Many of the projects / repositories are being actively maintained and a number of them are being updated by automated processes running in AWS.


WCA - Projects relating to the World Cube Association (WCA), plus the Senior Rankings that I created and maintain.

Guides - Instructional guides / notes relating to twisty puzzles and the algorithms that I use during speed solves.


Docker - Custom Docker images that I have created for many of my recent projects.

Libraries - Third party libraries that I have used in some of my own projects.

Technical - Random technical notes relating to various technologies.


Logiqx.com - Everything that I created for logiqx.com and caesar.logiqx.com from 2000-2010.


COVID-19 - Statistics relating to COVID-19 and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Petitions - Statistics relating to all of the petitions on the UK Government website.


GPS - Information relating to GPS technology.

Foils - Information relating to hdrofoil technology.

UKWA - Slalom results and other statistics for the UK Windsurfing Association (UKWA).

WSW - Speed results and other statistics for the Weymouth Speed Week (WSW).